Mary Lou Pauly For Mayor

Dear Issaquah Community,

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences around the World and at home. Together, however, we are making significant progress toward a more normal way of life. I am proud of the community and City staff for responding to the pandemic and simultaneous call for social justice with respect and generosity.

I continue to work with our partners on vaccine accessibility for everyone, supporting families and residents to ensure they stay housed and have food and basic supplies, and promote investments in local businesses to help them survive this crisis.

While our initial COVID-19 response is behind us, more work continues as we assess the impacts and changes to our daily lives, including transit, remote work and school, and urban planning.

Even though the post-pandemic outlook is not yet clear, certain conditions are crystal clear. The pace of growth in Issaquah over the past two decades has been tremendous. We cannot support this continued pace and retain the quality of life we enjoy.

We need to right-size the pace of growth, set priorities to balance growth with Issaquah’s small-town charm and natural environment, and ensure that proper infrastructure and regulations are in place. This is a difficult puzzle that I am eager to tackle.

To that end, I promise:

I look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you!


Mary Lou Pauly