While a significant amount of our focus over the last year has been dedicated to dealing with the pandemic and economic crisis, I am committed to continuing working on the priorities that I had laid out for my first term:

  • Growth - Protecting our unique neighborhoods from the impacts of growth while creating livable, vibrant urban areas with services and amenities for all

  • Transportation - Improving the way we move around town, including a sidewalk, crosswalk and trail system for de-prioritizing cars

  • Environmental Stewardship - Preserving, enhancing, protecting and stewarding the stunning natural beauty and wildlife areas in and adjacent to our community

  • Clean and Green - Shaping our future with actions that are clean, green, healthy and climate positive

  • Fiscal Responsibility - Aligning spending with our strategic plan and adjust city spending to match the reality of reduced local government revenues

2020 was a year that highlighted some challenges our country has been discussing at a national level, but requires action that needs to start at our local level. These priorities include:

  • COVID-19 Response - Leading us through the pandemic with accurate information, access to vaccines, and multifaceted response and recovery plans

  • Equity and Human Services - While already a city program, we have a long way to go to ensure we are providing a safe, secure community where all here can thrive, and ensuring equitable access to city services for all of our residents